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Send Original Gifts. You schedule. We deliver.
We offer an amazing array of unique gift ideas to suit anyone!

Categorized by price, theme and occasion you can easily find the perfect gift for the luckiest person. Whatever their age, gender or area of interest, you will find gift ideas from the list of coolest Montreal activities (so called - experiences)!

Build a custom WishBox with 5 unique experiences that will fit best for your occasion. Let them choose their favourite activity and enjoy the ride together, because we design our gifts for up to 5 persons to enjoy!

Why WishBox.gift?

We believe in creating memories.
5 Gifts for the price of 1
WishBox.gift allows you to send up to 5 unique gifts in the same WishBox. All for the price of just one.
Activities & Experiences
We are all about activities. We want people to spend time together. Our experiences can be shared by up to 5 people!
Receiver Choice
You send 5 unique activities in one gift. The receiver picks their favourite from your selection. 100% satisfaction every time.
Scheduled Delivery
You schedule. We deliver via regular mail or instantly via email. Attach a personal note to really make their day.
How It Works
You Select
Up to 5 Experiences that you wish to gift
We Deliver
An access coupon code for your WishBox to the recipient
via email or regular mail.
They Choose
The recipient picks the experience of their choice.
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5 Activities in every WishBox

All gifts on WishBox are experiential; that is to say non-tangible. We don't offer things, we offer memories. We believe we are truly defined by the moments we live, not by the things we own. We find Montreal's best experiences so you can present something truly exceptional to your loved ones.

Give them an option to choose from 5 unique activities in Montreal. Don't forget that most of our experiences can be are meant to be shared, so bring your friends, family or even co-workers!

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts can be quite tricky. Unless of course you plan on gifting a calendar or a picture frame, selecting the perfect anniversary gift for your friends or parents can be a daunting task. With age, we value the memories and the moments that we spend with our loved ones more and more. With WishBox, your anniversary gifts can create new and exciting memories to look back on! Let them relive the events from their wedding day by letting them pick an exciting experience from the WishBox you give them!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We have just what it takes to get your creative juices flowing and surprise your significant other on that special day.

Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to Christmas gifts, whether it's for men, women, use WishBox to create memorable moments!

Birthday Gift Ideas

Whether it's for a relative, a friend or even the kids you will be inspired by our selection of birthday gift ideas!

Gift Ideas For Men

In case you want to really spoil your dad, husband, brother or friend, we have something that'll put you above the rest.

Gift Ideas For Women

She puts a lot of thought in every gift you've ever received yet you can't think of a single thing to get her? We got you covered with WishBox.
You schedule. We deliver.
Personalize your gift with a note!
The recipient will receive a personalized email with their WishBox.
Recipient will receive a personalized WishBox voucher by mail.
Experiences reflect our true selves
much more than the things we own
Receive access to most exclusive experiences in Montreal
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