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Valentine's Day gift ideas are hard to come by. Want to impress your significant other? Then get out of your comfort zone and show them how much you care! We have just what it takes to get your creative juices flowing and surprise your significant other.

Don't forget, they will remember the experience; the moment that you shared together, not the thing you bought them in some store.
You schedule. We deliver.
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How It Works
You Select
5 Experiences that you wish to gift.
We Deliver
An access code of your WishBox to the recipient.
Via email or regular mail.
They Choose
Recipient pick the experience of their choice.

What defines a perfect gift?

Experiences reflect our true selves
much more than the things we own

Why WishBox.gift?

We believe in creating memories.

Up to 5 Gifts in 1

WishBox.gift allows you to send up to 5 unique experiences in the same WishBox. All for the price of just one.

Activities & Experiences

We are all about activities. We want people to spend time together. Our experiences can be shared by up to 5 people!

Receiver Choice

You send 4 unique activities in one gift. The receiver picks their favourite from your selection. 100% satisfaction every time.

Scheduled Delivery

You schedule. We deliver via regular mail or instantly via email. Attach a personal note to really make their day.

5 Activities in every WishBox

All gifts on WishBox are experiential; that is to say non-tangible. We don't offer things, we offer memories. We believe we are truly defined by the moments we live, not by the things we own. We find Montreal's best experiences so you can present something truly exceptional to your loved ones.

Give them an option to choose from 5 unique activities in Montreal. Don't forget that most of our experiences can be are meant to be shared, so bring your friends, family or even co-workers!

Discover even more Valentine's Day gift ideas:

Valentine's Gifts For Her
to create a romantic story!

How would you express the deepest feelings you have for the woman in your life? There are many tangible Valentines gifts that you can think of, but which one will make her remember that special day? Chocolates and flowers are the default, but beautiful moments that we spend together with our loved ones are what define the relationship. These memories are what keeps us together. Experiencing new things together and sharing those emotions is priceless. Experiences and activities that will be shared together are the perfect Valentines gifts that she will love.

Valentine's Gifts For Him
to enjoy romantic moments together.

Looking for original gift for your love? Discover Valentines gifts for him that are memorable and exciting! What can be better than sharing beautiful moments together with you soulmate? Gift the experience and enjoy the time together. WishBox includes 8 different activities in Montreal that are perfect for couples. Gift him the option and choose it together!
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